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88% of people surveyed say screen time on mobile devices is up in last 7 days!

I recently surveyed my social media audience and a massive 88% said screen time on their mobile devices was up in the last 7 days!

Think about that for a minute, with everything happening in the world if you have been building a social following or creating content, there is now more opportunity to reach your target audience than any previous time before.

The switch has been completely flipped and your audience’s attention is now more important than your offering (probably the way it should always be!).

So what exactly do I mean by attention? Let’s take house & land for example, home isolation may be affecting your client’s ability to visit your display or make a home inspection, but has this person lost the need for a new home? In some unfortunate cases maybe briefly but overall, whether it be now, tomorrow or in 6 month’s time this person is still going to need a new home.

How are you providing the answers to what your customer still needs? How are you competing for your audience’s attention in a world where everyone is looking for a way to keep themselves occupied? What could that mean for your pipeline, now, tomorrow or 6 months into the future?

Pandemics while terrible, throughout history have been one of the biggest catalysts to shape a societies direction and way of life. We are currently going through one of those shifts and things are going to be fundamentally different on the other side of this. Are you positioned to take advantage of these changes or will you be left behind?

One of the most proactive things I have seen in our industry so far was a live auction on Facebook, where up to 9 bidders were competing on a property from their homes over the phone.

How else can you compete for your audience’s attention and provide them with value during this unprecedented time?

Stay safe out there guys, speak with you soon


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