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How smart homes will change your life

“what if your home could do more? Like be more helpful. Truly helpful. What if your home could learn to take care of the people inside it, and the world around it?”

- Google Nest

If you are reading this right now, chances are you have at least 1 smart home device operating in your house. Security monitoring / camera surveillance linked to your phone, smart bulbs that can change colour and temperature at the touch of a button, and smart fridges that keep stock and order your groceries when you start to get low. 

It is predicted by the end of 2023 there will be an average of 21 smart home devices per home, which will be more than 6.4 billion devices at work every day.

Think of your current appliances, but with artificial intelligence (AI) built into them... mirrors that pick out your outfit for you, voice activated locks, fridges help you stay on track with your diet, and automated blinds and speakers that play your favourite song and let the sun in as you wake up. 

You might be thinking, “this is going to cost me a fortune”, but imagine the utility savings month after month by using some of these devices.... For example:

Automatic blinds will be able to keep the house/warm or cool for you before you even get home - reducing gas and electricity bills.

Automatic sprinkler systems will find the most efficient times of the day/week to water the garden to promote the growth of your plants - reducing water bills.

Lights and power points that turn off when no one is in the house - reducing electricity bills.

Of course, these devices are the most expensive when first released to the public, but over time, the cost rapidly decreases, meaning more people will have access. We are currently seeing this play out with Solar panels. 

Money aside, these technologies will (hopefully) improve your lifestyle, comfort and safety too. So what are you most looking forward to? Comment your futuristic home ideas below!

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