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5 growth areas to watch in 2019

When trying to anticipate where the next best performing growth areas will be, you first need to look at where the Government is re-zoning land.

In this blog, we focus on 5 areas that have recently had Precinct Structure Plans (PSPs) approved:

1. Sunbury

The Victorian Government has now approved two new communities which will provide close to 20,000 homes, and 6,000 new jobs. Sunbury South & Lancefield Road are the new communities which will cover 2,800 hectares of land, with almost 40% open space.

Plans also include:

- 4 local town centres

- 9 new schools (6 primary schools, 2 secondary schools and 1 prep-to-12 school)

- Health and emergency service facilities

- 2 future train stations

- 2 new bridge crossings off Jacksons Creek

- New regional park

- New conservation network along the Jacksons Creek corridor and reserve at Redstone Hill

2. Clyde & Clyde North

A new community in Cardinia Creek South has now been approved, which will provide an additional 10,000 lots in Cylde/Clyde north. With a focus on scenic parklands, this new community will have 22% open space, and has made room for the following:

- 21 Parks

- 2 conservation areas

- 2 Local town centres

- 4 sports reserves

- 4 schools (3 public primary schools & 1 public secondary school)

- 4 community centres (which will provide everyday services & amenity to local residents)

- Proposed Clyde railway station

3. Beveridge

In Melbourne’s north, Beveridge Central been approved which comprises of 292 hectares of land and will provide 3,400 homes close to schools, trains and upgraded roads.

Developers will contribute $87 million towards local and state infrastructure and land has been set aside for the following:

- $20 million Beveridge West Primary School (opening in January 2020)

- A new railway station to the east of the precinct (developed as part of the upgrade to the Wallan line)

- 4 local parks and sport fields

- Extensive upgrades to the road network, including a new interchange at Camerons Lane, a critical piece of infrastructure.

4. Berwick

Richard Wynne (Minister for Planning) has also approved Minta Farm, a new employment precinct that will have a strong focus on innovation, technology, and commercial businesses. This will result in 11,000 new jobs and create extensive employment opportunities for nearby residents in Melbourne’s outer south-east. The 285-hectare site will also include an innovative & sustainable community design for 3,000 new homes.

To create easy access to the precinct, the plan reserves land for a new north-south road (which will connect with the O’Shea Road extension and the Princess Freeway).

To facilitate increased traffic conditions, the fully funded stage 2 upgrades to the Monash will be completed by 2022.

5. Mickleham

South of Donnybrook Road in Merrifield, the Government is acquiring a 3.5-hectare site for a future primary school. Thanks to a GIAC works-in-kind agreement with Mickleham (PGG Pty Ltd), the agreement will result in PGG (Mickleham) Pty Ltd providing the Victorian Government with land for the primary school, in lieu of paying the Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution. This is in relation to a PSP that was approved in 2012 and amended in 2018 for Merrifield West. Once complete, the community will be home to more than 20,000 people. Agreements like this are essential to ensure the infrastructure is delivered in a timely fashion for local residents.

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