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Australian Bushfire Appeal

Like many, I love this country, and the diverse community we are so lucky to have. It saddens me to see our land, our homes and our unique wildlife consumed by such a roaring blaze. I have also been greatly inspired by the efforts of our people fighting these fires and the generosity of so many around the globe.

I have spent weeks trying to think of a way that I can do my bit to help my community deal with the uncontrollable situation at hand, and rebuild in the future.

One particular story moved me: A pharmacist in Malua Bay, Raj Gupta, kept his doors open, despite fire warnings and losing his own home. He filled prescriptions for people who had lost their paperwork, and isn't taking payments until things clear over.

With Raj and many others in mind, I pledge to donate $100 commission per sale for every lot sold in Meridian Clyde North in January. We are up to 14 sales so far!

Your contribution may be time, it may be prayer or it may be to also donate a portion of your salary or sales commission to our community, I hope I can inspire you to do what is possible, there is no thought too small.

And please pay it forward to your Facebook community and see if you can inspire others to do the same 😊

I am donating to The Salvation Army where 100% of the donation will be going towards the bushfire appeal. And also Wildlife Victoria.

Links below if you would like to donate:

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